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Unblock Facebook

Proxysite.cloud, our Facebook plugin has been built to enable users from all around the world to unblock Facebook on the go. It s so easy to use it takes seconds with no software install required. So how do you unblock Facebook with Proxy Site? Easy, either click the Go! Button or click the link that says Facebook and that s it, you head to the login page and login as usual. We understand that companies, colleges and schools want to restrict content from users but we believe blocking the content is not a solution. Our proxy s use the latest 256 encryption to insure that all communication between you and the sites you visit are un-readable by anyone, we also mask the IP address you are visiting from so the website only see s our Proxy Server IP address and that s it.

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We enable our users to visit sites anonymously, so go ahead and enjoy having the freedom of the internet that is what the internet was made for. So get on Facebook update your profile, catch-up with your friends and don t forget to tell them about Proxysite.cloud.